The Talent Sinistral

438 pages
ISBN: 978-0966870145

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THE TALENT SINISTRAL is a heroic fantasy action-adventure novel, set in a world where the "spoil"-handed are outcast—because they are really "spell"-handed.

A powerful gemstone; a fallen civilization; an ancient prophecy of doom. Can two reluctant heroes save their war-ravaged world from a madman's revenge?

"... a compelling and powerful tale that will delight fantasy fans everywhere."
--- David Gemmell

     Weary of war, Legion Captain Kier Fitzmorwen longs to live life on his own terms, free from the ethnic hatreds that have made him outcast in his own land. But when a not-so-chance attack on the midnight streets saddles him with responsibility for a self-absorbed miscreant, JonMarc, Kier suddenly finds himself thwarting laws he is sworn to uphold to save the cocky thief and womanizer from a gruesome fate. Like JonMarc, Kier secretly possesses the outlawed mind talents of the sinistral -- extra-sensory powers that, if discovered, could earn them both a death sentence.

     When Kier's mentor, Gwythion, and adept of the mysterious Fithlon Order, reveals that a legendary gemstone, the last remnant of an ancient energy source already responsible for the fall of one mighty civilization, now threatens to destroy their own, Kier and JonMarc find themselves compelled by a prophecy they scarcely believe in to locate and secure the powerful crystal before it can be used to wreak further devastation.

     Yet their race turns desperate, for others seek the deadly prize, among them, the Fithlon renegade, Táranos, bent on seizing the gemstone's power to expand his own sinistral talents. Caught up in the political upheaval of their war-torn homeland, the two reluctant allies find their growing camaraderie tested by romantic rivalry, treachery, betrayal, and their own deepest terrors, as they battle to save the very world that named them outcast from a madman's revenge.

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